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Our Sausages

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All our sausages are filled in natural pork casings. For a completely pork free sausage we produce chipolatas which use sheep casings.


Old English Breakfast | our biggest prize winner and a great way to start the day

Pork Chipolata | a real winner with the younger folk, or if you're just in a hurry

Cumberland | a fine recipe loaded with coarse black pepper

Lincoln | a regional favourite for lovers of sage

Suffolk Orchard | a mild sausage sweetened with cider and apples

Suffolk Pride | coarse cut lean pork with black pepper and sage

Norfolk Herb | a nod to our neighbouring county, with a delicious lemony finish

Essex | distinctive ginger and mace flavours

Pork and Leek | a full savoury flavour, great in Toad-in-the-Hole

Hog and Hop | bangers infused with beer, a dream come true

Garlic and Parsley | more than just a hint for this romance killer

Pork and Stilton | a real English flavour, try with bubble and squeak

Lemon and Ginger | hmm, aromatic and spicy all in one sausage

Pork and Tomato | finished with sage and ginger, it's just too scrummy

The Stout Porker | pork and Guinness, eat too many and you'll become one

Chilli Hot Cajun | a fiery sausage not for the faint hearted but a BBQ favourite

Oxford | an age old recipe with lemon, pepper and mace

The Popeye | with spinach and nutmeg "OK, Olive..."

Bloody Mary | lightly spiced tomato juice and Worcester Sauce

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...and really meaty! Still coarse ground pork but with a more continental texture. Try from the following

Cambridge | coarse black pepper and a light touch of herbs

Chorizo | this Spanish recipe is picante i.e. spicy

Bratwurst | our version of the German classic is based on a recipe from the region of Thuringer, with a slightly smoky flavour

Toulouse | ideal for winter warming cassoulet, a coarse pork sausage with garlic, parsley and red wine

Italian | inspired by Sicilian recipes, with fennel, peppers and white wine

Procter's No.17 Sausage | provence herbs give this a unique character. Formerly known as The Farmhouse Country Pork Sausage

Jalapeno Sausage | gently warming soul food

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Beef and Guinness | rich, meaty, succulent - an absolute classic

Beef and Horseradish | almost good enough to replace the Sunday roast

Beef, Wild Mushroom and Tomato | a combination of earthy flavours and rich succulence with a peppery finish

Lamb and Mint | shoulder of lamb loaded with mint - another candidate for best Toad-in-the-Hole sausage

Lamb Basil and Tomato | gluten free, an all meat recipe bursting with aromatic flavour

Mediterranean Lamb | gluten free, all meat with lemon, garlic and parsley

Merguez | gluten free recipe from Algeria, mutton and beef combining with hot and spicy harissa

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For texture and structure all our poultry sausages contain some pork. Completely pork free options available on request.

Chicken Lemon and Coriander | gluten free, delicious aromatic sausage

Chicken and Wild Mushroom | gluten free, with rich earthy flavours

Chicken Kiev | NOT GLUTEN FREE, garlic butter melts into the slowly sizzling sausage

Sweet Chilli Chicken | gluten free, not too hot, it just leaves a warm glow

Chicken Peri Peri | gluten free, again lightly spicy rather than chilli hot

Aromatic Gressingham Duck | with five spice, hoi sin and soy sauce

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All our venison is wild from Forestry Commission sustainably managed woodlands

Venison with Forest Fruits | fruits sourced from local fruit farms, a favourite for casserole recipes

Venison and Spiced Juniper | a great winter warmer, pop in a hotpot with dumplings

Venison and Red Wine | finished with sage this is a rich and hearty sausage

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100% meat either beef or chicken | or maybe you'd like us to turn your favourite sausage into a burger?

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